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Enterprise concept

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Corporate philosophy:


High moral and professional   People and sincerity   Innovation and strength   Keep pace with the times


Management policy:


Scientific innovation   Making reliable products   Create a safe environment   Realize civilized and clean production
Abide by laws and regulations   Customer satisfaction   Make employees healthy   Eliminate pollution and occupational hazards



1. The upper part of the trademark is actually an artistic variant of the letters s and D. It is not only the alphabet combination of "Shandong" but also "Shidao", indicating that the company is headquartered in Shandong and Shidao.   

2. The overall shape of the trademark is round and clock running, which means the satisfaction, harmony, progress and development. It expresses the enterprise's idea of striving for perfection and never satisfying the status quo, and shows the enterprise spirit of innovation and advancing with the times.


(1) The overall shape of the design is similar to the flying ROC, which is homonymous and synonymous with the name of the company. It means that the company will always fly like a ROC;

(2) The pattern is also the abbreviation of "Huapeng" in English, that is, the deformation of HP. The left part is the deformation of H, and the right part is the deformation of P( 3) The standard color of the design is sapphire blue, which symbolizes the openness and civilization of the East, and also means the excellent quality of the company's products

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