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Investor relations

March 15 financial consumer rights day
National Investor Protection Publicity Day
Shandong Huapeng Glass Co., Ltd. on the approval of Shandong SASAC to accept the agreement of Shunhe Capital Management Co., Ltd. to transfer 26.95 million shares of Shandong Huapeng Glass Co., Ltd
Announcement of Shandong Huapeng Glass Co., Ltd. on carrying out financial leasing business
Resolution announcement of the 34th meeting of the 6th board of directors of Shandong Huapeng Glass Co., Ltd
Notice of Shandong Huapeng Glass Co., Ltd. on holding the first extraordinary general meeting of shareholders in 2020
Resolution announcement of the 23rd Meeting of the 6th board of supervisors of Shandong Huapeng Glass Co., Ltd
Information of the first extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of Shandong Huapeng Glass Co., Ltd. in 2020

March 15 financial consumer rights day

March 15 financial consumer rights day

Investor relations
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2021/03/17 09:57

World Consumer Rights Day

International Consumer Rights Day is the 15th day of March every year, which was established by the international consumer Union in 1983. The purpose of the day is to expand the publicity of consumer rights and interests protection, make it get more attention in the world, promote the cooperation and communication between consumer organizations in various countries and regions, and better protect the rights and interests of consumers in the international scope.



Shandong Securities Regulatory Bureau reminds you

1. Be honest and trustworthy and be a respected listed company.

2. Rational investment, away from illegal securities and futures trap.

3. Don't be greedy, polish your eyes, break the root string, and prevent fraud.

4. Establish rational investment concept and enhance risk prevention awareness.

5. Choose appropriate financial products and protect your own property.

6. Careful selection of financial products, reasonable allocation and risk reduction.

7. Set up financial management concept correctly and choose investment channel rationally.

8. Keep the risk in mind and invest according to your ability.

9. Stay away from illegal fund-raising and refuse the temptation of high profits.

10. Improve the ability of risk prevention and consciously resist illegal fund-raising.

11. Know the market, know yourself and be a rational investor.

12. Follow the trend of speculation, more losses, rational investment is fundamental.

13. Investment should go to legal channels, prevent the risk of illegal securities investment, and establish the awareness of self bearing investment risk.

14. The "five essentials" of preventing illegal securities activities include: first, learning relevant laws and regulations; second, learning securities investment knowledge; third, maintaining rational investment mentality; fourth, consulting professionals; fifth, resisting illegal securities activities.

15. "Speculation in new products" is risky and investment should be cautious.









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